Astrology Predictions for November 2013—— by Calleen Wilder

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Astrological Predictions for November 2013

Mercury is quite obviously still Retrograde in Scorpio.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling every square inch of it.

Machines are breaking down, computers are blitzing, home appliances are going haywire, and people are driving like absolute fools.  PLUS… I can’t figure out how to say anything I mean without having to back-track, as I try to remember what I said, and then just totally regroup.  Lord!

If you’ve found yourself also in this batch of sloppy situational stew, know it’ll end soon.  I mean it has to, right?  I can honestly say that I’m personally so exhausted just from trying to catch, reorganize, restate, and redo just about every single little thing I touch, say or think, that I’m literally counting down the hours to the dawn of the 10th, in the hopes that my whacked-up world will once again get a little straighter.  Me oh my!

So with that in mind, let’s also peek in on what else we can expect to experience in the coming weeks.

November 1st – Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

Meaning this isn’t exactly a great beginning to an already confused situation.  Uranus in Aries states very loudly, and with no apologies, that he wants change RIGHT NOW!  He doesn’t care if stuff gets broke, jobs get lost, or finances go south.  He’s bored, he’s aggressive, and he’s definitely abrupt.

When he squares (argues with) Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, who is now in the sign of Capricorn (structured success through hard, and yes often boring effort), things can get a little dicey.  Irritable to say the least.

Not that Pluto doesn’t like change, because he absolutely does.  He simply prefers it to be slow, permanent, and calculated.  In Capricorn, he’d prefer the math on the change be calculated twice.

But Uranus is in charge, meaning he has the upper hand.  And he says NOW.  So prepare for a bit of a revolution!

Know that something will definitely pass away and/or out of your life entirely today, or even in the past week, or in the next two.  It could be something internal, external, or both.

My advice is to think about whatever you know you’ve held onto for far too long, hoping it would resolve itself, then mark a big old red bulls-eye on that puppy and watch it either dissolve or blow-up.

This is a time of big, revolutionary, sudden, and explosive change.  Change that will rearrange some areas of your life permanently.  Change that will also free you up for bigger and better things.

Sure, it’ll likely be unsettling, to say the least.  But it is necessary, and if you take a minute to really understand the necessity of the change, maybe you’ll find yourself feeling less assaulted by it.

Know too, this has been in the air for at least the last few weeks.  So if you’ve already started the process of change you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The BIG STUFF!  If not, today your ballot will be drawn!  Just hang on and expect to do the unexpected.  Oh, and expect others to do the same.

Obviously we’re starting the month out with a monumental shift.  Not a bad thing.  But you’ll definitely notice over the next few weeks exactly what I’m talking about.  Definitely will notice!

November 3rd  – Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Scorpio

Right on the heels of all the “new stuff” we’re doing, comes the New Moon which always encourages new beginnings.  So whatever got blown up a couple of days ago can now be cleared away and a new start begun.

And since this new moon is happening in Scorpio, who is ruled by Pluto, we can expect these changes to be intense, powerful, permanent, and most definitely deeply personal.  In fact, it’s highly likely that some part of our deepest psychological urges have been tapped into.  So not only outward change is happening, but inward as well.

Additionally, since there’s a Solar Eclipse with this New Moon (meaning the Sun was blocked out), we’re operating on an extremely high emotional level.  Sort of “feeling” our way through all the debris and reconstruction if you will.

I’d expect and allow both you and all others you encounter to be a little more sassy than normal.  It’s more than slightly probable that we’ll all be more than a little touchy, some might say grouchy, others might say crude as crap!

Focus on what you’re trying to accomplish.  On what you want to build.  On where you want to go from here, now that the rug got pulled out from under you somewhat.  Also, if you’re feeling a little crabby (sorry for the Cancer pun), at least attempt to understand why.  Try to find precisely what emotional scar just got ripped off in the melee?  You’ll learn a lot about you if you do.

It’s a day for sensitive folks all around.  Folks who likely don’t care to share their wounding just yet.  Or at least, not in a constructive way.  Maybe more in a biting, venomous way though if you push too hard.

Yet we’re all cleaning our emotional house today, as we try to build up whatever area of our life just got swept clean.

Best advice, focus on you and avoid others as much as possible.  Harsh but true.  Oh, it is also the perfect day for some therapy.  Maybe not such a great day for therapists though (ha). 

November 5th – Venus enters Capricorn

Lovely little hospitable Venus doesn’t much like cold, demanding, and less-than-affectionate Capricorn.  Not that Capricorn is really all that bad, but to warm little fluffy Venus it feels that way.

Venus governs how we love and what we love.  So for the next month or so I’d spent my love dollars and time on trying to reconstruct (Capricorn’s expertise) any relationships that need a little work.

Use this energy productively if possible, because you won’t be feeling like firelight and roasted marshmallows.  But by gosh you could build a new fire-pit just in case you ever feel like it again.

Instead, expect some long serious talks with your sweetie.  Expect also to feel a little more timid and unsure of your relationships right about now, as Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) has a way of squelching our ego and making us far less likely to just assume we are loved, and lovely.

As such, insecurities, inhibitions, and all sorts of cold show up in the love department.  It simply all gets a little too serious for Venus’ liking.  But apparently, some fire-pits just need to get built before any future plans can really get concreted in.

So if you’re in a relationship expect questions, seriousness, and the “where is this all going” thing to pop up.

If like me you’ve been married for a long time, expect some new demands to get placed on you… or you to place some of them.  Likely both, as you’re both in the mood for sharing this heavy little load (ha).

A time of serious talks and not much else in the love department.

November 6th – Jupiter goes retrograde in Cancer

Our planet of expansion, exuberance, over-confidence, and high ideals is now turning inward, asking us, “Where do I want to go with the rest of my life”?   In Cancer, a particular area of concern will be home and family.

I think this will take us back to the original theme of trying to figure out how we feel about those things and people who matter the most to us.  We may even begin to expand inwardly and instead of buying them something nice in order to show our love, do something nice to really experience it.

Or, we might even discover in our inner work that we’re not happy with some area of our home and/or family.  If so, we’ll likely try to understand why, and also what we might need to do in order to rectify it.

Again though, there’s just too much water in the signs this month for my Virgo liking, and this is no exception.  Water represents emotions.  So definitely expect a lot of internal emotional exploration and combustion for the next few months.  Although, since Jupiter is never anything but positive, this shouldn’t be harsh emotions, but rather just deep, personal stuff.

I will also share that since Jupiter’s only true fault is in over-doing everything he touches, we could possibly blow way out of proportion any emotional hitch we come across.  Consequently, it might be best to bounce your conclusions in this department off of someone else in order to prevent yourself from getting so carried away with any sudden revelation or insight Jupiter plops into your head that you sink your own Battleship.

Other than that though, I’d say expanding upon your home and family in any way that doesn’t blow the bank account to shreds is advisable.  Provided again that you keep yourself in check and think some things through.

Jupiter retrograde represents inward expansion and growth, and has the inherent potential for crazy exaggerated outward expression.

November 9th – Mars in Virgo sextiles Saturn in Scorpio

Mars in Virgo makes the perfect little fuss-budget out of most all of us.  We fuss over inconsequential things far too often.

However, since it’s now working quite nicely with Saturn, the planner, we might actually take our new and highly keen eye for details to another level and complete some projects that are near and dear to our heart.

Saturn adds the “do” to the thinker (Virgo), while Mars brings the gas to the fire.  So expect to get a lot of work done.  You can also expect to see the flaw in any plan.  And with Virgo’s ingenuity on board, you’ll know how to rectify it.  PLUS, you’ll have the energy, determination, and sheer fortitude to plod through any crises, seemingly unscathed thanks to Saturn’s work ethic.

Try not to overwork is the only caution.  But other than that, expect to kick some fannies and take some names. 

November 10th – Mercury goes Direct in Scorpio

Thank you.  Thank you.  And most of all…. Thank you!

Mercury finally shifts back into drive and we can all begin to make some sense out of the senseless.  Computers will actually turn on.  Printers will quit talking back.  Your blender will actually blend when you turn it on.  And hopefully, people will quit talking pig-Latin and driving their cars like they’re the only ones on the road.

Now sure, it’ll take a day or two for all things to swing around, and we might get a little whiplash due to the congestion in our heads and on our streets as it does, but life will start to make sense again.  All things LONG overdue.

Only caution is, it’s still in Scorpio.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, only an intense thing.  So expect to have some heart-to-hearts with all those whose toes you’ve stepped on over the last few weeks.  Awkward!

Additionally, no one is in the mood for light celebrations.  Seems some might even still be sulking, while others continue to secretly plot your demise (yikes)!  Yet, we’ll all be doing it more competently right now, and that’s something I think.

Still, we’re back on course, and I will actually say what I meant to say once more.  Seriously, the struggle this go round has been harsh and unforgiving.   This Mercury Retrograde has been one that lived up to its name and even exceeded my normal expectations.

Who knows, perhaps party hats are in order today.  With it being in Scorpio likely no one would care.  Scorpio’s motto after all is, “Please get your freak on…. amuse me”  (ha)!

November 13th – Neptune goes Direct in Pisces

Neptune, the planet of peace, spirituality, and all things Kumbaya is finally also shifting into forward motion.  Therefore, if any of you have been contemplating anything artistic, spiritual, creative, and altruistic, you can now begin to put those thoughts into action.

Neptune retrograde is a little dizzying to say the least.  But Neptune has trouble with directions, instructions, and practicality on a good day… so spin him around and ask him to walk backwards and you’ve got drunks playing Pin-the-Tail-On-Someone.  Thus, we’ve all been feeling a little lost and confused lately, even as we keep attempting to do the “right” thing.

Thus today, we get back some sense of what the words “straight and narrow” mean.  We might even begin to pass tests, finish crosswords, and focus long enough to hear a complete sentence… from beginning to end.

It is still a water sign, so emotions are still highlighted.  Yet Neptune is so darn groovy that even when he’s emotional, it’s in a non-demanding sort of way.  No drama… just a lot of sentences that begin with “Dude”.

Alas, expect to move forward on any and all plans that have been floating uncontrollably around in your mental space these last few months.   Particularly those that have to do with helping others, writing, playing music, or even painting the boudoir.

You are back!  Likely, you’re also feeling darn happy just to be alive right about now.  The fog clears.

November 14th – Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries

So now that we’re all feeling peaceful, why not shuffle up the deck a bit in order to see how we really feel about all things love oriented.

Yes, the now ever-scrutinizing lover in us (thanks again to Capricorn) is arguing with Crazy Uncle Blow-Some-Stuff-Up Uranus, who is still far too aggressive in the sign of all things testosterone Aries.

You want something new, exciting, adventurous, and mind-blowing.  The same old same old just isn’t cutting it.  In fact, you not only want it, you demand it with Aries in tow.  Seems everyone wants what they don’t have, and we’re all more than eager to voice it, and maybe even just go out and find it.

This is not a day for relationship endings by and large.  Not saying one couldn’t though, because that’s definitely an ingredient in this strangely exciting mixture.  More likely, there will be some relationship dissatisfaction.  Some odd urgings for all things odd.

My advice is to add a little spice to whatever relationship you find yourself in.  Do something bold, different, unique and new.

If you aren’t in a relationship know that you may still do all the above with something, or someone, who is bold, and well in truth, just strange!  Don’t expect it to last though since Uranus doesn’t like permanent.  Still, it could be fun for a minute.

Odd day.  Full of eccentric behavior.  Again, do whatever feels right, particularly if you can keep from burning the house down.

November 15th – Venus in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn

Whatever it was you did yesterday, you really stirred the pot in the old relationship/home department.  As a result, today you’ll definitely be slightly freaked out by the whole thing (ha)!

Yet the theme is still that you want intense, passionate, and now permanent, since Pluto has joined your freak-fest.  You want meaning in all of your relationships, or you don’t want it at all.

Occasionally you’ll also discover that jealously rears it’s ugly little mangled head (yes, Pluto) and so you start to stalk their Facebook (ha).  You want what you want and you want no one else to have it.  Provided, of course, that after yesterday you still want it.

Meaning, if you weren’t in a relationship until yesterday, or a few weeks prior to yesterday, and you met that peculiar someone who felt so right, it’s highly likely that you’ll become even more attached, more infatuated with them today.  So watch yourself.

In fact, even if you are in a relationship your eye may wonder to the bizarre today.  Pluto is the freak card after all.

Just try to tone down the intensity when it plays with your head, or you’ll scare those you love, and/or those you have liked a lot over the past few days, away fast.

Creatively, if you’re an artist in any way, you can connect with some string of the subconscious today and do incredibly extreme and exotic things.  You can uncover what is normally covered in a way like no other day.  So use this intensity to explode your work.

This can be a fun day if we all remember to not take our passions and our likes to the nth degree.  Seriously people… play hard, but come up for air here and there.

November 17th – Full Moon in Taurus

Naturally, it’s now time for the full moon/full emotions to swing in.  Thing is, luckily it’s in well-grounded and semi-practical Taurus… so no water here.

Yet as we all know, Taurus is the bull and you can’t push a bull anywhere a bull doesn’t want to go.  Hence, you can expect people to get super stubborn, super self-indulgent, and super furious if you try to push or divert their attentions in any way.

Taurus likes luxury, bubble baths, home, family, and having the last word.  Taurus also loves to explore all the senses.  They want to feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it, and most definitely, touch it.

My advice is to stay home with your now slightly scalded sweetie (ha), play some soft music, have great wine, listen to your favorite tunes, curl up in a nice soft bed, and DO NOT SPEAK!  Well, of course, unless you want to compliment them, sing to them, or whisper sweet nothings in their now very attentive ear.

If no sweetie, just indulge your senses.  Have fun.

Also realize that everyone is the bull in the proverbial china shop today, so don’t challenge, argue, and even look slightly cross-eyed at anyone.  If you do this, all should go well.  But do indulge your senses if you want to remain even semi-pleasant.

Also again, everyone’s emotional.  Remember that.  Avoid surgery if possible during any full moon.  Expect lots of fights, arguments, and blissfully, many new babies to be born today.

Stay home!

November 19th – Mars in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Cancer

This is a great transit for all business ventures, provided you make any effort to succeed at all.  Yet, with Mars on-board I imagine you’ll be itching to make the effort, as Mars in Virgo makes you slightly twitchy if you stand still for too long.

So anything work related is highlighted favored today.  You could ask for a raise, finish a project, or even start something entirely new.

Thanks to Virgo you have incredible focus as well as an extremely critical eye.  Jupiter makes those in authority like you, along with want to help you. Mars grants you energy to carry nearly all things out.  And Cancer, although sometimes mildly whiny (sorry Cancer) does bring the warm and fuzzy to all of it.  It also brings the feelings needed for any great project to truly succeed.

Cancer also says if there’s any projects at home that need finishing up, they’ll be easily tackled and highly prioritized today.

It’s a great day for getting ahead and getting things done.

November 21st – Sun enters Sagittarius

We’re finally starting to add a little fire to this water as the Sun makes his journey out of intense, and sometimes unsettling little Scorpio, and moves into big, expansive Sagittarius.  Since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the above transit is even further highlighted today.  So work is good.

But so is anything philosophical or spiritually based.  Sagittarius likes the big strokes though.  Yet right now we’re lucky because big-picture Sagittarius is accompanied by meticulous little Virgo energy (Mars), so stuff gets done.  Maybe even big stuff.

Too, this new Sun makes everyone a little happier and a little less micro-managing.  Thank heavens!

Expect more laughter, more money, more advances, and definitely more open spaces to emerge within the confines of all of our lives.

We can all begin to take long, slow deep breaths again, as we feel less crowded and far more free. 

November 25th – Mercury in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio

Extreme mental focus.  Sharp and critical analysis also become instantaneous.  We also can see through any charade or lie presented.  We do however, once again, become very aware of all those pesky trees as the forest starts to narrow in.  But Sun in Sagittarius will balance this for us.

Some people might even begin to feel more paranoid (crazy Scorpio) and as a result, become much more unwilling to share their thoughts, their words, or their air space with us.  So watch out for the negative thinkers.

Also, bar that paranoid negativity from your own brain cells.  Truly, there really is no conspiracy going on at the Wal-Mart check-out (ha).  So relax.

Thing is, you can conquer some extreme mental tasks right about now.  AND, you have the stamina and the determination to finish anything and everything you start.

Use this energy to further your projects and propel your ambitions forward.  Don’t use it to accuse or make up nonsense theories in your head.  Know though that other people will be… so deny and avoid is likely the best course of action when people start talking crazy… and they will… all suspicious and accusatory madness type of crazy.

Intense, driven, penetrating, and most of all suspicious might sum up today’s interactions.  Scary really.  Use it for the good people!

November 28th – Venus in Capricorn opposes Jupiter in Cancer

When the two most positive planets in the zodiac argue, little real damage happens… still, they are arguing.  In this case that means don’t go shopping with plastic, because you will over spend.  Don’t buy too many Girl Scout Cookies, because you will eat them all.  Don’t plan a trip, because you will be in Fiji when you only meant to visit the Amish in Ohio.

In other words, there really can be too much of a good thing… in almost all areas of your life.  You will want to see, feel, touch, and do just all sorts of wonderful things.  And provided you can afford it, do it.  But since most of us have budgets, know that today is a day of breaking all the rules and regretting it later.

Oh, and you won’t want to work today.  You can’t bear the thought of drudgery and routine.  Take the day off if possible.  If not, try to at least pretend you’re doing something when the boss walks by.  Likely, you’ll be on Etsy buying all sorts of neat, crafty little things, but hide that mess if you like your job… well, not today, no one likes their job today… but on normal days.

This is a fun, adventure filled, please-me type of day.  So keep it within reason.  Yet by all means, splurge.


And that my friend is this bit of a mixed bag of nuts month.  There’s drama and tension, release and freedom, campfires and Kumbayas.  In other words, expect a little Yin, a little Yang, and a lot of Yippee, all in the same month.

Oh, and since the last transit mentioned above happens to fall on Thanksgiving, try not to eat too much lest you fall into a complete food stupor.  Try not to say too much, lest you regret it later.  And definitely know that Black Friday will feel like I’m Blacked Out Friday and I’m Buying Everyone Everything (ha).  Tone that mess down and all should be well… but shopping, well that will be the best of the best.  So enjoy.

And DO have a most JOYOUS, HAPPY &

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